La font de Murla, la font de Murla,
es una font de collóns,
de nit i dia, de nit i dia,
l’aigua cau a borbollóns.

So says a popular song that tries to highlight the importance that the fountain had for the town and region of Pop, the reason for the human settlement at the foot of the Green Horse, in what we could call ‘hill’ (from the Latin word ‘ murra ‘, possibly origin of the toponym’ Murla ‘) of the aforementioned mountain. It is the most abundant natural spring in the places of Pop, and a few days of rain are enough to see how its four pipes jump over its bowl to cover several steps of the stands that lead to it.

Channeling the water from the spring to the source, which is just fifty meters from it, the urban area practically began there to the west. Last year it was successfully restored preserving in part the old steps of old slabs, the ashlar stones of the enclosure and an artistic fence that completes the complex. Unfortunately, the washhouse (‘llavador nou’) and the municipal water trough located next to the fountain, lost their traditional appearance of stone and curbs, suitable for cavalry, in an intervention carried out to improve the flow of the waters towards the adjoining ravine.