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The town of Murla traces its origin to a medieval farmhouse that grew up around Pop’s castle, the current church of the municipality and which has given its name to this valley. In the 11th century, Murla dominated the access to the valley, a Moorish valley until 1609 when it became the first town repopulated by Christians who arrived accompanied by Jaime I.

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Murla. Alicante town by town

After the disappearance of the cultivation of the muscat grape that once covered almost the entire term, the almond and orange trees have prevailed in this small town of Murla.

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Until the seventeenth century it was the capital of the valley formed by the Pop or Jalón river. This beautiful basin was named after the Pop Castle, which today is the parish church of Murla and one of its must-see monuments. The inhabitants of this town barely exceed half a thousand, they are friendly and the quiet town is, due to its historical and cultural interest, a must-see in the Marina Alta region.