Sweet potato cupcakes


  • The ‘confitat’ is previously prepared by boiling the sweet potatoes and passing them through the mash and adding the sugar to cook over the fire as a jam. Cinnamon sticks and lemon zest is added. Let it cool down for later use.
  • The ‘pastisset’ dough is made with sugar, flour, oil and dry anise. The best, without a doubt, the ‘Anís Candela’ (for something it belongs to my town).
  • The dough is very delicate to prepare. In a saucepan, put a glass of oil, a glass of sugar and a glass of anise. When it seems that it is about to boil, pour in the flour that it admits (almost a kilo) and the dough is “blanched” until it does not stick to the spatula.
  • With this dough, small balls are made that are crushed with a plate on a plastic and a teaspoon of ‘confitat’ is put as a filling and closed forming a dumpling.
  • They are placed on a baking tray and baked in a strong oven until they begin to take color. They are removed and sprinkled with cinnamon powder on them.
  • They are typical Christmas sweets with many calories and for exquisite palates.