Or ‘Castell de Murla’, which is its real name in view of the many written documentation that exists about its construction and land that constituted its fiefdom. Located on the so-called ‘puig d’Orba’, only some of its demolished walls remain of the Murla castle as watchmen over the fertile and beautiful region of La Rectoría, a sub-region belonging to the wider Marquesado de Denia. Although it is referred to as a ‘work of the Moors’, its origin dates back to times after the conquest of the kingdom of Valencia by King Jaime. It has easy access by an old cavalry road from the games of ‘Velich’ and ‘Comeig’. The best and most complete study of this fortress, its origin, construction and owners, can be found in the documented History of Murla by Severino Giner Guerri.