Also known in other towns as ‘esgarraet’, it is one of the most popular prepared for dinners, especially in summer.

It consists of the roast of aubergines, peppers, onion and tomatoes, which have a special flavor when they are roasted over the firewood and then carefully peeled. After the ‘escaldà’ of the Muscat raisin in the embers of the ‘fornet’ of the ‘sequer’, it was ritual that the ladies made the ‘torrat’ for the lunch of the day: ‘espencat’ with anchovies or other ‘salty’ and ‘ Tros de leftovers for the one who carried the caça d’escaldar ‘.

Peeled the aubergines, tomatoes and peppers, they are ‘torn’ (hence their name) into strips in a separate source, adding a rich jet of virgin olive oil, salt and enriched with black olives (or ‘cuquello’ ), flaked cod or other salting. Of course, with a lot of bread to ‘dunk’.